Python astronomy resources

See for a nice up-to-date list of python astronomy resources.

Other python cosmology resources

Below is a (no-doubt incomplete) list of cosmology-specific resources I've come across.

CosmoFisher by David Ventimiglia

"Python code 'to help create, manipulate, visualize, and gain value from Fisher information matrices'

cosmology module in esutil

Mostly distance measures.

James Schombert's version of Ned Wright's Cosmology Calculator

cosmocalc by Tom Aldcroft

Improved version of with programmatic interface. Not designed for use with numpy.


Interface to the powerful CAMB software for CMB anisotropy calculations.


Source not posted.

Andrew Becker's

OO interface to distance measure calculations.

Taro Sato's Python version of kcorrect by Michael Blanton

k correction and photometric redshifts.

Miscellaneous non-python projects

Ned Wright's Cosmology Calculator

CAMB: Code for Anisotropies in the Microwave Background


Online and IDL calculator