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Package EH

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See cosmolopy.perturbation.transfer_function_EH

Eisenstein & Hu power spectrum transfer function used in cosmolopy.perturbation.transfer_function_EH.

This package contains two modules:

  1. power (or cosmolopy.EH.power), which is a python wrapper of power.c

    from Eisenstein & Hu (1999 ApJ 511 5)

  2. tf_fit (or cosmolopy.EH.tf_fit), which is a python wrapper of

    tf_fit.c from Eisenstein & Hu (1998 ApJ 496 605)

The first module contains no baryonic features in the transfer function, but applies to wider range of CDM variants (e.g. including neutrinos). The second module applies more narrowly but possesses effects including the baryonic acoustic osciallations.

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power.c is redistributed under the MIT License with the permission of Wayne Hu, and is described in Eisenstein, D. J., & Hu, W. "Power Spectra for Cold Dark Matter and Its Variants," 1999, ApJ, 511, 5 [astro-ph/9710252]. Please cite this paper to acknowledge use of power spectrum calculations.

See LISCENSE for additional information.

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